Illumination Dynamics Maintains Long-Standing Relationship with The Golf Channel

Posted on April 3, 2011

The Golf Channel’s recent pairing with NBC Sports group promises extensively comprehensive coverage of this year’s golfing events, and while the new union will offer new programming, The Golf Channel returns to the lighting and power team that they have used for more than seven years—Illumination Dynamics (ID)–to supply services to some of their new shows. Perhaps most notably, State of the Game Live will debut on Friday Feb. 25, a show in which seasoned golf professionals will discuss the game’s current events as well as the WGC. ID provides redundant power and lighting to The Golf Channel for State of the Game Live to ensure there are no interruptions during the live feed. Small footprint, twin-pack redundant power is a signature powering technique of Illumination Dynamics and one that makes them continually reliable. Along with power, The Golf Channel will use the ID team’s lighting expertise for the new program, hiring ID’s crews and lighting services as they have in previous years for The Golf Channel’s location studio shows.