Illumination Dynamics Broadcast Division Busy Year Round

Posted on April 3, 2011

Year round, Illumination Dynamics (ID) provides the lighting and power for many prominent and exciting sporting events across the nation, including MNF and SNBB for ESPN. ID also supplies power and lighting to SPEED TV for the Grand Am series along with several other racing events. Most recently, ID provided lighting for TNT at the NBA All Star Event. Prior to the All Star Weekend, ID supplied flawless power to the Winter X Games, for the 10th consecutive year, supporting numerous hours of live TV and ensuring the desired comfort level for those working to broadcast the event in extreme conditions. Concurrently, ID travelled to Texas for the Super Bowl where ID quickly responded and adapted to the unexpected adverse weather, providing redundant power systems for ESPN’s SportsCenter main compound and remote studio sets. In addition, ID furnished all the lighting equipment for the downtown location, at the stadium for the field set, as well as lighting and a lighting director for ESPN International. In the near future ID will be teaming up with the Golf Channel once again for their location studio shows.