Illumination Dynamics Braves the Cold to Power the 2011 Winter X Games

Posted on April 3, 2011

Once a year, freezing temperatures and unrelenting snowfall provide the setting for a winter sporting event of epic proportions. For the past ten years Aspen, Colorado has played host to ESPN’s Winter X Games—four days packed with extreme weather and even more extreme athletes—the production of which is no easy feat. Hundreds of man hours, miles of cable, a truckload of transformers and over 13 generators are required to make sure the viewers at home are watching what’s going on at the X Games. To provide the necessary tools to ensure uninterrupted television, ESPN trusts Illumination Dynamics, and has for the past ten years. For the safety of the athletes, guests, crew and the unforgiving nature of live broadcast, the reliability of power is of crucial concern. Illumination Dynamics specializes in the successful supply of power and electrical distribution through their experienced technicians, state of the art generators, variety of supplies and ability to adapt to changing conditions. The challenge of powering ESPN’s Winter X Games has been one that Illumination Dynamics has exceptionally risen to time and again, for a full decade.

While few things about ESPN’s Winter X Games change each year, the increasing popularity of winter sports is clear in this year’s record breaking attendance. Greater popularity means more viewers at home and Illumination Dynamics never fails to meet demand. ESPN Event and TV crews transform a ski area into a snowbound oasis consisting of a Broadcast Compound of 11 Mobile Units, 2-uplinks and 12 office trailers, Catering, Media, VIP and Athlete Lounges, Sponsor Village, Awards Stage, Control Towers, Musco Lights, Video Walls, Fly Cam, Host Studio and a multitude of Robo Cams – all 4300’ from base, straight up the mountain, and all requiring 24-hour power. In addition to increased attendance, the X Games saw an increase in technology and, therefore, another challenge for Illumination Dynamics; this year was the first for 3-D coverage which added an additional element of 24 hour power to camera positions otherwise not needed. ID’s ability to provide critical power ensures extreme sports fans around the world they can watch their favorite athletes on ESPN’s Winter X Games.