Special Events, Parties and Festivals

Illumination Dynamics (ID) provides complete turn-key power and lighting packages to our Special Events customers. Services include: design, engineering, delivery, installation crews, stand-by technicians, trucking and transportation, refueling, permits and removal crews.

Our Special Events team will evaluate each event’s power requirements and determine the size and placement of generators or the option of using on-site power if available. A U.L. Listed Nema 3 power distribution system will be designed to supply all of the client’s electrical and lighting needs which include: generators, paralleling generators, power distribution equipment, transformers, cable ramps, tent lighting, area lighting (stadium lights), theatrical lighting, truss, and heating and air conditioning (HVAC). ID routinely provides all the stated equipment and services for all types of Special Events, including festivals, sporting events, corporate events, concerts, movie premiers, award shows and parties.

For further information or to request a quote, please contact:

Los Angeles (818) 686-6400
Bill Prince, Director of Special Events, billp@illuminationdynamics.com